Welcome to SHIROKAI Trade-in. With this discount program we wanted to let you get into our permanently growing army of high standart design widebody cars. By entering this program you can save up to 50% off new SHIROKAI widebody kit and also support eachother to grow in social media.
Lets build most wide spread widebody car owners family together!
Terms of TRADE-IN program:
  1. Discount for trade-in your kit to SHIROKAI kit is fixed as 1000 USD.
  2. Discount is approvable only for car models listed in "Model Special" section of website at
  3. Discount calculates from retail price and can not be summarised on discounted, pre-ordered or backordered items.
  4. How to get discount?
    4.1 You have to be Instagram user with non private account. (It should be open)
    4.2 You have to own a car with installed wide body kit on it.
    4.3 You making a post with split photo as on example, where you show up your current car with other kit it has and SHIROKAI kitted car as you wish to see your one. (you can use pictures from our website or from our IG account).
    4.4 In caption to your post you have to write that you changing your current widebody kit made by @*your_kit_brand* to @shirokai.com_ widebody kit.
    4.5 This post should be online at least 24 hours.
    4.6 You sending us a DM with the link to this post and email, then in exchange we provide you with discounted invoice for your new freshy SHIROKAI widebody kit
  5. You are free to sell your old kit, we don't need it as tradein phisical stuff, what gives you another $500-$1000 as savings
  6. You installing SHIROKAI widebody kit and becoming a member of SHIROKAI army, with adding you to private owner chats, future meetings and all the fun :)
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  • We do ship worldwide, to almost any country and even any planet if you pay for SpaceX rental:)

  • We pack and ship out packages in 1-2 business days. As the parcel taken away by courier you will receive tracking data via email.

  • All prices are with worldwide shipping, you don't have to worry about shipping costs. But in some countries there might be custom fees, that you will have to pay when package arrives.

  • We do accept returns, the items must be in mint condition with no damage and/or installment evidence. You will have to pay for return shipping cost.

  • We don't give sponsorships or discounts if there was no invintation for that or some sort of sale days.

  • We glad you have read all of these and now you don't need to ask us for theese questions :)

  • We are very communicative team, but sometimes there are too many inquiries with the same questions.
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