Frequently asked questions

We don’t give sponsorships or discounts if there was no invitation for that or some sort of sale day.

We do ship worldwide, to almost any country and even any planet if you pay for SpaceX rental:)

We do accept Credit cards and Paypal. All your payments are absolutelly secure, using ShopPay and Bank API we do not have access to any of your payment data.

Our handling time may differ. We work hard to be always stocked, but some of the products are sold faster than we producing them. The normal time between our restock supply is 50-70 days, so depending on when in this timing your order has been placed, it may be from a few days up to 3 months before shipping. We appreciate your patience and you are guaranteed to get your parts fresh and warm when it's done. We pack and ship out packages in 1-2 business days when its in stock. As the parcel is taken away by courier you will receive tracking data via email. We use DHL and FedEx for shipping, so your order will be delivered to your door.

All prices are included with worldwide shipping, you don't have to worry about shipping costs. But in some countries there might be customs fees, that you will have to pay when the package arrives.

All SHIROKAI products are made of Hi-grade automotive ABS plastic. We use top-notch technologies from RnD to serial production. All parts are CAD-engineered and machine-cut to provide the best-market quality fitting. SHIROKAI parts come in unpainted black mass plastic color, and can be installed and film wrapped from the box(still some fine touches, like sanding and primering are recommended), or prepared and painted as OEM plastic spares. ABS plastic is known for its reliability and sustainability in automotive production. If you are unsatisfied with product quality, we accept returns, please read Policies for details.

We do accept returns, the items must be in mint condition with no damage and/or installment evidence. The return period is 15 days after the products received. You will be charged for 2 way shipping costs.

If you looking for advice on what part is best suitable for your car, please start with our Instagram, where we upload different installations on a daily basis :)

We are obsessed with our members build progress, all you need is to keep mentioning @shirokai.com_ with your posts, and some moment we will share it and/or ask for more pictures to feature your awesome progress

We are a very communicative team, but sometimes there are too many inquiries, so please give us some time to answer.

There is plenty of room to play with the wheels specs, such as wheel width and offset, tire sizes, suspension setup, air or static, camber amount, and the final resulting look of the car you wish to receive :) Is it stanced with flush fitment or more lower body with a poke style wheel hidden in arches, or maybe a race look or even race purposes :) It would be unprofessional just to give some numbers to everyone. We recommend working with wheel dealer to calculate your perfect setup, just provide them the numbers of the kit width added from the stock body (written in product description).