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SHIROKAI Ford Mustang S550 GT (18+) Widebody kit

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SHIROKAI Ford Mustang S550 (18+) widebody kit highlights:

Parts included:
 - front fender flares
 - rear fender flares
 - side skirts
 - bumper fender endings
 - front lip spoiler
 - rear trunk spoiler

Width of the kit:

- The front fender adds 3.54inch (9cm) per side from stock arch
- The rear fender adds 4.33inch (11cm) per side from stock arch

Material and fit:
 - High-grade automotive ABS plastic
 - color is black in mass
 - easy install, plug, and play fit
 - can be wrapped from the box 
           (for best result, some sanding and primer are recommended)
 - ads 9cm in front and huge 11cm in rear

Wheels and tires:
 - be the first and share your setup (IG account will be mentioned)
 - You can calculate your perfect setup at, making new wheels fill the 9cm/11cm added to a stock body.

With a growing community of SHIROKAI Mustang owners, we received many inquiries to work on the next generation of Mustangs. So we did our best for S550 owners and presented this unique design to the public. SHIROKAI Ford Mustang S550 kit became an absolute best seller, providing our customers with the best results. If there is a Mustang with a SHIROKAI kit on a show, it will get all the attention and love there. Flowing with original body lines but enhancing the width and wildness of your horse, giving it that Kaiju feeling and making other cars look smaller. 

We have added both older and newer versions you can find in our catalog. This product is for GT version of 15-17 model Mustang. You can also install it on aftermarket bumpers or other versions with some level of customization. All you need is no shaking hands, a heat gun, and some cut and sand instrumentals. 


All SHIROKAI products are made of Hi-grade automotive ABS plastic. We use top-notch technologies from RnD to serial production. All parts are CAD-engineered and machine-cut to provide the best-market quality fitting. SHIROKAI parts come in unpainted black mass plastic color, and can be installed and film wrapped from the box(still some fine touches, like sanding and primering are recommended), or prepared and painted as OEM plastic spares. ABS plastic is known for its reliability and sustainability in automotive production. If you are unsatisfied with product quality, we accept returns, please read Policies for details.

Please read the product description below for details on the Make/model/version suitability. Please note that installation will take place with some modifications of your vehicle stock panels, please see our knowledge database for detailed instructions.

Journey with us through the SHIROKAI experience, where every product is a testament to luxurious precision. Utilizing advanced CNC cutting, we ensure the utmost accuracy in our designs. Our unwavering commitment to quality, combined with heightened demand, occasionally results in an extended anticipation period. Your order might be ready for an immediate journey or, at times, a wait of up to three months. Once our artisans have perfected your selection, it is promptly dispatched, usually within two business days, and DHL or FedEx ensures its safe and sophisticated arrival to your door with tracking number provided.

Remember when you brought up 'widebody kit' and your local garage gave you the deer-in-headlights look? Fear not! SHIROKAI is here to swap those puzzled faces for jaw-dropping admiration. Dive into easy-peasy installations with kits crafted for the kings, queens, and jesters of the car world. Elegance? Check. Precision? Double-check. A touch of laughter? Always! With SHIROKAI you will become a member of private society wiith other SHIROKAI warriors, having chats, meets and other benefits on the tip of your fingers.

★★★★★ For being the first widebody ecoboost on the east coast, and specifically with a Shirokai kit, y'all have been so amazing. The shirokai team and army is the best. Sending you the best of luck!

- @hrtbrkstang

★★★★★ Hell Yes .. Best kit on the market ..

- Huero Romero@392yacht

★★★★★ When I consider Shirokai I think of their unmatched desgins, quality materials, and excellent customer service. Shirokai produces affordable, high quality widebody kits, while providing consitantly outstanding customer support. I look forward to the future of Shirokai as they continue to help make dreams into a reality for car guys and girls like myself..

- Cameron Roberts